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Household Manners - Basic I  All work in this class is done on-lead.  The class is
designed to establish a communication system and a working relationship between
dog and owner.  Basic commands you and your dog will learn include:  
Let’s Go,
Heel, Down, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Come, Leave it, Watch, Wait.
 Class meets once a
week.  Graduation and final exam:  AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good
Citizen exam.  Dogs and owners who pass the exam may send in the proper forms
and receive an official CGC Certificate from AKC.

Rally This fun class is ongoing and designed to prepared dogs and handlers for all
levels of AKC Rally competition. Weekly classes introduce and enhance proficiency
as students learn the rules, signs and accompanying commands used in the ring, as
well as additional tips for successful completion of the courses.

Basic (Novice) Obedience   Designed to teach the dog and handler exercises
required for the American Kennel Club (AKC) Companion Dog (CD) title, and
Therapy Dog evaluations.  Teaches advanced proficiency in all exercises from the
Basic I course, and adds the
Stand and Stand-Stay commands.  Class meets once a

Open Obedience  Designed to teach the dog and handler exercises required for
AKC’s Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.  Exercises include:  
Off-Lead Heeling,
Retrieve on Flat, Retrieve Over High Jump, Drop on Recall, Broad Jump, Out-of-Sight
Class meets once a week.

Utility Obedience  An ongoing class designed to prepare dog and handler to
compete in AKC Utility Obedience, working toward the Utility Dog (UD) title.  Exercises
Directed Jumping, Hand Signals, Send Away, Moving Stand and Exam,
Scent Discrimination
.  Class meets once a week and is based on a monthly fee.

Agility  All A-Plus agility equipment meets regulation requirements.  Classes range
from starter classes designed to safely introduce your dog to the obstacles, to agility
just for fun, advanced training, and on into performance competition if you so desire.  
Classes are weekly or on-going, depending on the level of training.  

Conformation Handling  An on-going class designed to prepare dog and handler
for competition in the conformation show ring.  Instruction includes proper ring
procedures, including
free-baiting, gaiting, hand-stacking on floor or table as
appropriate for your breed of dog.  Class meets weekly. Fee is $10.00 per week per

Private Instruction  Hour-long lessons are available to meet the needs of the
individual dog and handler.  For details or to schedule a session, call 325-668-7310.
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