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Your Dog's  Mind.
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Our Philosophy
Training with Mutual Respect and Trust
There are different methods to use in training, but philosophy is what counts and
is what should guide the trainer.  Without a philosophy, the methods are

Our philosophy is based on building trust between master and dog by using
positive reinforcement.  Respect for the master is gained, and the dog's desire to
please is cultivated.

The dog is the only animal that has an innate desire or nature to please us.  This
is because since its domestication, man has selected dogs that exhibited this
desire for breeding and developed this nature so that it may serve man in many
ways.  Training should bring out this desire to serve and please.  Positive
reinforcement does this, whereas philosophies and methods based on domination
and brute force do not.  Domination and force methods and philosophies bring
out the "wild" side of the dog, causing the dog to revert back to its more basic
instincts of survival.  It will either fight or try to run.

Domination and force philosophies also have the effect of making a dog with a
strong will to dominate become more aggressive than it would be if instead its
mind were cultivated to serve and please.

An educated canine is a happy canine.  Respect begets respect.  Violence begets

We do not endorse methods that are harsh or that destroy a dog's personality or
encourge distrust.

Sample of methods based on our philosophy--
  • The use of unity praise, a system of positive reinforcement:  Verbal, Touch,
  • Use of the "Nein" command.
  • How to teach the dog to walk on a loose lead without pulling:
Circle-rights and circle-lefts
  • Sit-for-a-goody with hand signal.
  • Down-for-a-goody with hand signal.
  • Teaching the Jumps:  High jump, bar jump, broad jump.
  • Teaching the directed jumping exercises.
  • The Dumbbell -- "to pinch or not to pinch"

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